We’ve been ordering a lot of burgers lately. Not just because NYC is known to have the best burgers in the world but also because they happen to be the cheapest option on every restaurant’s menu.

While the Big Apple is full of gourmet, classic, hybrid (check out our burger ramen review), fusion and healthy Burgers – we’re into gourmet and classic ones lately, and here are our favourites.


Gourmet Burgers :

Those who know their shit will probably notice that both of these burgers are creations of famous English chef April Bloomfield, who launched two very trendy gastro pubs in the city. The Spotted Pig’s burger was literally spot-on and the shoestring fries, yuuuum, just as we like them. As for the Lamb Burger it was a true revelation.

Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort Cheese & Shoestring Fries –  $22 @ The Spotted Pig, Chelsea, NYC


Chargrilled Lamb Burger feta, cumin mayo & thrice cooked chips – $22 @ The Breslin, NYC


Classic Burgers:

Aaaaaahhhh the classic burgers; aren’t they just perfect? If you ever go to Diner you should order their burger, although the rest of their menu is absolutely delicious too. As for Fritzl’s, don’t bother ordering anything else but the burger. It’s a classic, and the secret sauce is to die for.



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Grassfed burger w/ pickled red onions and fries, add $2.00 for cheese – $14 @ Diner, Williamsburg, Brooklyn


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 Hamburger with Chopped pickles, onions, and special sauce, add cheese +1 – $13 @ Fritzl’s Lunch Box, Bushwick, Brooklyn

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