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Now that you know a little bit more about Syrian food, you might be curious to try it for yourself. Since teasing ain’t a nice thing, we ventured out and searched for London’s tastiest Syrian spots. While Arabic restaurants are invading the city, we were surprised to find out how very few Syrian restaurants there actually were. Here are 3 that caught our tongue.

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Abu Zaad
128 Edgware Road,
London W2 2DZ
020 7224 8382
29 Uxbridge Road,
London W12 8LH
020 8749 5107
20-22 Broadway West Ealing,
London W13 0SU

Abu Zaad has got quite the reputation. We explored its Edgware road location, to get that authentic Arabic vibe. While their Uxbridge road one is said to be the busiest, you won’t have any trouble finding a seat, as the place is supposedly massive.

Regardless of where you’ll decide to dine, their food is cheap, delicious and served in big portions. Our favourite order would have to be the Fattet Makdous, which is a specialty from Damascus that consists of delicious deep-fried aubergines –stuffed with minced meat and pine nuts– covered with yogurt and tahini and sprinkled with bits of deep-fried flat bread. #100000000calories


Ayam Zaman
258 Uxbridge Rd
London, W12 7JA
020 8740 6816


Ayam Zaman – which means « the old days » in Arabic – is a local’s favourite. With its interesting old-school décor, stepping into the restaurant is like travelling to Ancient Mesopotamia.

The friendly waiters will happily guide you through the menu, which includes all of our favourite Middle-Eastern dishes, from mezzeh and shawarmas to kebabs and baklawa.
We particularly enjoyed their super crispy falafels (£4.25) and their creamy Mahalabih, which is a rich milk rice pudding traditionally made after the birth of a child and that is very popular during the month of Ramadan (£3.50).
If you happen to be in Sheperd’s Bush – Ayam Zaman is where it’s at.


1 Blenheim Terrace,
London, NW8 0EH
020 7624 2921


Damascus is also known as “the Capital of Jasmine”, as the city’s gardens and balconies used to be filled with the flower. Yasmeen is brand new and recently opened in Saint John’s Wood. The bright and airy restaurant serves authentic Lebanese-Syrian food, which is always a good mix!


Yamal Alsham Restaurant
5 The Boulevard, Imperial Wharf
Town Mead Road,
London, SW6 2UB
0203 010 1100
48 Knightsbridge,
London, SW1X 7JN
0207 245 6000

This more upscale eatery has got that One Thousand and One Nights vibe and serves a mix of Lebanese and Syrian cuisine. Their menu includes the very much-craved Muhammara dish (Walnuts, Pine Nuts, Almonds, Pistachios and Breadcrumbs crushed with dried Herbs, red pepper paste and Mild Red Chillies for £7,50). They also host live music and belly dancers to groove.

Please support The Good shepherd Sisters community center in Deir el Ahmar, located in the Bekaa valley. The organization schools 350 Syrian refugees (from the ages of 6 to 12). We aim to raise $8750, which is the sum needed to feed the pupils warm meals for a week. If you would like to make a difference in these children’s lives:  please donate.

Stay tuned to find out about the land’s most delicious dishes, desserts and much more.


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