Remember when Halloween used to mean fun and sweets? Alas, we’re no longer kids, and get shut down when we go trick or treating – but that doesn’t mean that we still can’t treat ourselves to an adventure.

Here are 3 funky Halloween treats being served in restaurants around the world that could very well turn out to be tricks.

Brain Burger at Cinnamon Soho in London, UK

How would you feel about biting into deep-fried lambs’ brains? Now you can. This modern London-based Indian restaurant has, specially for Halloween, created a brain burger, which is (thankfully) served with crunchy onion rings, sliced tomatoes, salad, brioche buns, masala wedges and a coriander chutney dip.


The bold Werewolves of London at Kinmont in Chicago, USA

Mixologist Jason Brown has concocted an interesting potion this Halloween. His bloody drink –which similarly to a Piña Colada mixes fresh pineapple juice with coconut syrup– includes Bombay Dry Gin, Pimm’s No. 1 and… ½ ounce of pig’s blood. #WheresTheTreat?


Miss Cakehead’s Scary cakes at The Hoxton Hotel (Shoreditch) in London, UK (October 30th – November 1st)

Although we’re pretty sure that these little cakes must be tasty, they don’t look too good. Head down to this pop-up “Eat Your Heart Out” cake-shop for the most horrific treats you’ve ever seen.

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