London’s best immersive experiences (which obviously include food + drinks)

Immersive experiences where food and drinks are involved? Count us in. If you’re looking for something fun and different, we’ve got you covered.


Once you walk under an arch near Brick Lane, you’ll travel through time and arrive at a train station in the early 1900’s. The first thing you’ll notice at this station is a cocktail bar and you’ll probably think “god it was such a glamorous era”.
This super fun experience had us mingling with Tilly, Frank, Timothy the waiter and other characters, while sipping on a Dark N’ Steamy and Loco Motive cocktail. Passengers all seemed excited to travel to Murdér in France (which sounds like a made-up place). After a few drinks the conductor informed us that it was time to board and we made our way to the restaurant carriage where we were served a 3-course dinner carefully crafted by BBC Masterchef finalists Billy and Jack.
Dinner was delicious and started with a mulligatawny soup served with an Indian spiced cucumber open sandwich. The Butler’s steak with potato gratin dauphinois and stuffed cabbage followed and finally we ended our meal with an apple tart with clotted cream.


Photo credit: @funicularproductions


During dinner we suddenly discovered that Frank had been murdered and the train had to turn around and get back to London. With the murderer still being on board, we summoned our inner Hercule Poirot for the evening and tried to guess who might’ve killed Frank!



Photo credit: @immersivegatsby


Who hasn’t dreamt of going to a real-life Great Gatsby party (Leo, you’re there?). Pretend you’re in the twenties, and walk into this Long Island speakeasy (in London Bridge – shhhhsh) and start your evening off with a few drinks. You’ll then be invited to Gatsby’s garden which has its own bar and balconies covered in fairy lights. At this point, you’ll start mingling with some of the characters. They’ll teach you a few dance moves on some 1920’s jazz tunes to break the ice, which is a always a great skill to have.
Once the Gatsby fun/drama begins, you’ll follow the interactive performance from room to room, eavesdropping on secret bedroom conversations or gossips while sipping on some gin. #EveryGirlsDream! Don’t forget to dress to impress.


Photo credit: @thebiglondonbaketooting


If you’re up for a competition and you want to challenge your date/friend, take them to the Big London Bake. No skills or previous experience required, just come as you are as they provide everything else, as well as some professional advice. You’ll be able to whisk and roll for 90 minutes (don’t be fooled – that’s nothing in baking minutes) and hopefully be crowned the bake-off winner!

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