London’s freshest pasta joints

Remember the days when pasta was mostly served in pizzerias? Look how far we’ve come. We personally never used to order pasta, as we felt that it was so easy to make at home so why spend money on it. We’ve evolved since– and so has London.

Check out our 5 favourite pasta joints.

Burro E Salvia


This lovely Shoreditch deli/restaurant isn’t messing around. Watching their sfoglina (pasta maker) at the shop’s window is just mesmerizing. You can either take her masterpiece to eat at home or eat it on the spot.

Jealous of her skills? They also organise workshops, where you can either learn the basics (£45), how to make ravioli (£55) or semolina pasta (£35).

If you’re planning to make the trip there, we particularly recommend you try their signature pasta: Agnolotti Cavour with Meat and spinach filled ravioli, in a butter and sage sauce for £12.




This new branch just opened in Shoreditch following the success of its first shop in Turin. This pasta lab offers over 200 different combinations to choose from, including pasta made out of chickpea flour. But our favourite one has to be the ragu di charne chianina (£10), a delicious rich sauce made with chianina beef, tomato and red wine.




The guys behind Trullo in Islington opened their very own pasta bar near Borough Market. The dishes are small enough (£5-£12) for you to try 2 or 3 (or 3 to 4 ;-)) and their menu changes regularly but we loved their classic Roman Pici Cacio e Pepe with Parmesan and Pecorino cheese (as mixing cheese is what we do best and love most).


Osteria Basilico


This classic Italian Notting Hill institution screams romance, especially with its candles melting over bottles of wine. The menu is filled with homemade thin-crust pizza and fresh pasta. Our personal favourite? The delicious spaghetti alle Vongole – with Royal clams – (£12.90).




This kid-friendly Venetian restaurant in Chelsea serves very generous portions of pasta. No wonder it’s a local’s favourite as it’s always packed.  The Tris di Pasta (£15.50), Chef’s choice of three different types of pasta, is a great way to explore their menu!




Oliveto in Belgravia is part of the Olivo restaurant group, which includes all of our favourite Italian restaurants in London. While we absolutely love them all (and strongly urge you to try them), we tend to go to Oliveto for casual meals, as it specialises in pizza and of course pasta. The Linguine al Granchio, with fresh sautéed crab meat, garlic, chili and parsley is particularly interesting (£18).

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