London’s yummiest pizzerias

We don’t know about you, but we like our pizzas with a thin, crispy dough but with enough crust on the side to be able to dip it into chili oil. Now in terms of toppings, cheese has got to be involved. Other than that, we like to mix it up depending on our mood – as long as it’s good, we’ll eat it.

Here are our favourite pizza places in London.



Located on Exmouth Market, Panzo is brand new but is already making a name for itself. We first tried it this week and must admit that we loved it. Why’s that? Well first, they serve frizzante (which is a bit like prosecco) on the tap for £5. Their menu includes lots of pizza – priced at £8.50 to eat in or £6.90 to take away – which can be inspected on the counter (as to avoid any nasty surprises) and once selected is popped into the oven for a nice little crispy roast. Their oval shape and slightly smaller size means that diners don’t leave bloated after their meal. Toppings are quite interesting and include Ventricina, Nduja, Mozzarella, Fresh Chilli and Pumpkin, Pancetta, Provola.



Part of the Olivo chain, which seems to have invaded Belgravia, Oliveto is a casual pizzeria which we can’t get enough of. While all their pizzas are delicious, our absolute favourite is the Pizza al Tartufo (£19.50) which comes with tomato, ricotta, spinach, egg and black truffle shavings (although we order ours without the spinach). We also recommend the Pizza al Granchio (£17) with tomato, mozzarella, fresh crab meat, garlic and parsley, as it’s so unusual! Pizza sizes are pretty large – so don’t expect to have any room for dessert!


Da Mario

There was a time when we used to go to Da Mario every Sunday for lunch, and god do we miss those good old days. This lovely neighbourhood pizzeria was Princess Diana’s favourite – and has a disco ball and dancing floor, which used to make us so happy. Their crust is just perfect and their choice of toppings include all of the classic, like Margharita (£8.20) but also interesting ones like Frutti di mare (£14.50) with Tomato Sauce, Octopus, Baby Prawns, Mussels, Baby Squid, King Prawn, Parsley, Garlic. If there’s one thing we can recommend: order the garlic bread (£4.50)!!



Some say that Theo’s makes the best pizza in the whole of London – and they might be onto something. Located in Camberwell, Theo’s is simple, delicious and can get very busy. No reservations here, so avoid coming with a big group and be prepared to wait for your turn (although the turnaround is quite quick). Our favourite pizza is the Wood oven Aubergine one (£9) with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and pecorino – and with extra ricotta, as there’s never too much cheese.

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