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What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Are you hoping to get rich in 2015? Or would you rather wish for a healthy year? Around the world, many people believe that what you choose to eat during New Year’s Eve could impact –or possibly predict– the year to come. If you’re superstitious yourself, here’s what you should be savouring tonight!

Cooked Greens

If money is on your mind, then cooked greens should be in your mouth.  Many cultures believe that, since the greens look like folded money, they symbolize financial prosperity. The Germans opt for sauerkraut while the Danish go for stewed Kale sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon – either way it’s believed that the more greens you consume, the richer you’ll become.



Since beans resemble coins, they are also associated to a wealthy year. In the South of the US, people consume black-eyed peas on NYE as they represent humility, and consequently invite good fortune. In Italy and Brazil diners are served lentils instead.

Don’t go too crazy on the beans though, or stay at home #PartyFarter.


Circular Food

From bagels to doughnut, munch on some circular food this evening as it’ll bring you good luck and a “coming full circle” year.



While some cultures and religions would disagree, pork is considered to be a lucky ingredient. Since pigs root ahead as they eat, they represent progress.



Three things make fish a lucky food: their scales resemble coins, they travel in schools (which denotes prosperity) and they swim forward, which evokes progress.



In Japan, it is believed that if you slurp long buckwheat noodles without chewing or breaking them, you will live a long life.


Twelve Grapes

As soon as the clock hits midnight, celebrators in Spain and Portugal suggest that you eat twelve grapes, which symbolize the twelve months of the year. Each sweet grape represents a fortunate month, while each sour one indicates a-less-than-unfortunate one. So try for yourself, and predict your year.



Greeks like to smash a pomegranate on the floor in front of the door when the new years turns. The seeds revealed announce prosperity. The more seeds a pomegranate contains, the more luck the year will bring.


Lobster: since they move backwards, they may lead to setbacks
Chicken: since the bird scratches backwards, it might trigger regret – AND it also causes good luck to “fly away

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