In the mood for Bart’s

Chelsea Cloisters
87 Sloane Ave
SW3 3DW, London

A few days ago, we decided to try award-winning bar manager Vincenzo Sibilia’s new Mood cocktail menu, which is based on serotonin-rich ingredients. As its name suggests, the cocktail trio is meant to alter your mood so we were super excited to verify that – although we were hoping it was for the better!

Anyone who has ever been to Bart’s knows that the place is a little mood setter of its own. Located inside a residential building on Sloane Avenue, (down the corridor past the receptionist, on the left) Bart isn’t your average bar: it’s fun, jam-packed and full of interesting personalities.

For once, we decided not to go past 10pm and went straight after-work, which meant that we could actually see the place and its quirky speakeasy décor & floral wallpaper decorated with taxidermy and old copper beer mugs.



We began our journey with Relax (£13), which reminded us of an exotic spa (minus the alcohol). Beautiful and delicious, Relax mixes camomile (to calm nerves) and lavender extracts (to eliminate anxiety) with lemon guise (for your vitamin C) and Zafferan Tanqueray (to help you forget all your problems).


For mains, Happiness (£13) was on the menu. We all know that to stay healthy and happy, we have to stick to our 5-a-day. That’s what Happiness is about: strawberries, lemon, cherry tomatoes, maraschino cherries, sugar, basil leaves, pepper and Belvedere Vodka (also known as the happy juice).  Its set-up was also quite impressive and quite explicitly represented the euphoric endorphin.


Dessert was Focus-ed on caffeine. Caffeine suppresses a neurotransmitter in the brain called adenosine, keeping the body awake and alert. It has scientifically been proven to boost mental performance throughout the day. #CoffeeAddictsDontNeedScienceToKnowThis

Focus (£13) mixes smoked wheat coffee beans and Kamm & Sons blend of herbs, spices, fruits, berries, leaves and flowers, with hazelnut syrup and BoB bitters. This drink was quite strong and rather stimulating, which kept us focused.


Verdict: we left Bart’s relaxed, happy and focused.


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