NOMA $ ∞

 Strandgade 93,
1401 København K,
+45 32 96 32 97

Getting a reservation at Noma is a mission, to say the least. You’ve got to a) figure out when the online reservations lines open, b) put an alarm clock and c) join the queue. But once you’re in, you’re in.

As we hurriedly (and shamefully) stepped into the restaurant 20 minutes late –thanks to the unexpected Copenhagen traffic– we were surreally greeted by 30 friendly faces. I suspect that everyone has to get out of the kitchen to say hi as soon as someone walks in – or they all happened to be on a break at the same time; but that seems unlikely.

We were then escorted to our table, and the feast began. For the next 2-and-a-half hours, 19 dishes came flooding in –none-stop– which meant that as soon as we were done with one, another magically appeared. (Tip: pace yourselves. We didn’t and we left bloated as fuck).

The food was expectedly incredible. If you tend to love meat and greasy nutrients though, this place isn’t for you. If you enjoy plants and delicious healthy foods: you’re in for a treat.

From edible flowers served on a capers and seaweed pastry to dried jellified black garlic, every single plate will take you by surprise. You know a restaurant is the shit when it manages to make 2 single leaves of cabbage (one steamed, one grilled) taste like heaven on a plate.

Here at Noma, dining becomes an experience and each dish is like a little adventure. Barbecued leaves served on a scallop sauce are scraped off the plate by hand while baked sweet potatoes require a toothpick leaf to be dipped in a horseradish sauce.

And while the food, friendly chats with the staff and tour of the premises make dining at Noma an utmost enjoyable experience– the bill does hurt. Yes, Noma is one of the best restaurants in the world and everything from the service to the dishes was perfect – but is £161 per person for lunch for the food alone worth it? Only if you can afford it.

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