Bone daddies


We have to (shamefully) admit that our first Asian noodle soup was at Wagamama, a very long time ago. Since then, we have (thankfully) tried many more. Here’s our first selection of London’s best juicy bowls.

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Bone Daddies
31 Peter Street
London W1F 0AR
020 7287 8581 

Soho is full of amazing restaurants and Bone Daddies is one of them. Packed with a young crowd sitting on stools, this New-York style noodle bar sure knows how to make ramen. The rich broth and oily noodles bring pure pleasure as well as a slight glossiness to your lips. We highly recommend the tonkotsu ramen, as its 20-hour simmered pork bone is (just like the other ramen) served with a perfect soft-boiled egg.


49 Frith Street
London W1D 4SG
020 7434 4463

This Soho restaurant has become so successful that the owners had to expand and bought the place next door. Don’t think you won’t have to queue though, as there are still groups of hungry people waiting in line to walk through the blue curtains. Koya has that Japanese minimalist vibe, with clear, light, yet flavourful Udon soups. The Udon noodles are said to be “foot-made”, which means the dough is kneaded with (clean!) feet.


Long Kee Café
134G Kingsland Road
London E2 8DY
020 7729 8344

We like to think of Phò as a skinnier ramen, which remains efficient in curing hunger (and sometimes hangovers). Kingsland road or “little Hanoi” is an overwhelming place when choosing a spot to eat. We’ve already recommended Long Kee Café for its minced pork steamed rolls and we’ll recommend it again for its Phò. Order any on the menu, we love all of their zesty broths.


63 Dean Street
London W1D 4QG
020 7437 0071

The first think we noticed when walking into Tonkotsu (or while waiting in line) is the open kitchen full of happiness. Their Tonkotsu ramen is always comforting after waiting in the cold for a table (and so is their yuzu and cava cocktail).

They’ve opened new branches –with different menus– in Haggerston and Selfridges since.


64 St Giles High Street
London WC2H 8LE
020 7240 0232

This place opened a few months ago and comes straight from Tokyo. Their success story has led them to expand in Tottenham Court Road. We did join a queue full of Asian kids (and that’s a good sign), but gave up and walked away when the waiter told us there was a 1-hour wait (another good sign). We’ll come back once the buzz has faded.

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