Summer in NYC is hot and humid – and we are dehydrated.  “Drink more water”, you say? Pffff… No thanks. Not to sound like alcoholics, but New York is famous for its cocktails.

Here are the best NYC summer drinks we’ve had so far.

[We’d like to use this opportunity to ask bar owners to turn up the lights– as they’re making it really hard for us to feature their drinks on our instagram account.  Just saying.]

Amelia @ Employees Only
Aylesbury Duck Vodka & St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur Shaken with Puréed Blackberries & Fresh Lemon Juice – $16

While we really don’t enjoy waiting in line and fighting over a bartender’s attention – we’d do it for Amelia. She’s sweet, sour and always hits the spot.

If you’re confused or need answers, Employees Only also happens to have a fortune-teller around – but we’d stick to Amelia.


Limonana @ Mezetto

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Arak, Honey, Mint, Lime Juice – $12

Doesn’t this drink sound refreshing? In case you don’t know, arak is an anise-based Levantine alcoholic spirit, which is absolutely delicious. Now pair it with honey, mint and lime juice and you’ve got yourself quite a treat. If you can’t get enough of the drink, this Mediterranean restaurant also sells a carafe of it for $39. We also recommend you get their $12 falafel buns.


Frozen Corona @ Réunion Surf Bar

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A frozen Corona slushie made with fresh lime juice, triple sec… And Corona beer – $12

This Tiki bar, located in Hell’s Kitchen, has a refreshing list of frozen drinks. You can order a frozen Mojito or a Dark n’ Stormy but we really recommend the frozen Corona. It’s undeniably cool –pun intended.


Michelada @ Mission Cantina

Beer, lemon, hot sauce – $10

Yes we know, yet another beer-based cocktail. BUT this one’s got that extra spicy oomph. AND can be paired with delicious $1 tacos.


Dirty Martini @ Bemelmans Bar

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Pick your Vodka or Gin of choice and add $3,75 to the price tag (around $21)

If you happen to be uptown –and– thirsty, then you should most definitely head to The Carlyle Hotel. Its cosy bar, named after Ludwig Bemelmans, the creator of the classic Madeline children’s books, is beautifully decorated with murals made by the artist himself. But enough about the décor: $20 or more for a drink sounds a tad expensive, but drinks here come with a refill and nibbles.


Champagne Bar @ Beauty & Essex

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Attention ladies! Beauty & Essex has a champagne bar (although we suspect it might actually be sparkling wine) hidden in the ladies restroom and it’s free – but shhh! It’s a secret.

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