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Olive oil recipes

Olive oil, or as we like to call it, olive juice, is that much-needed liquid that we all have laying around our shelves, ready to be poured onto our next cooking adventure. We all seem to use it frequently, and by frequently we obviously mean constantly – but how else do we include it in our dish, other than drizzled over pasta, stir-fry or salads?

Now before we guide you to some funky alternatives, let’s explore this lubricant together. Did you know that extra virgin olive oil actually meant that no chemicals were used and many tests were done to confirm it? (We didn’t). Virgin Olive oil ­– without the “extra”– indicates that the fluid is still supposedly pure, but that no one went out of their way to test it. Any other marker signals that the oil isn’t wholesome. [Pause to go and check the tag on your own bottle].

Another good thing to know is that olive oil is healthier than butter, for cholesterol reasons among other things. So perhaps try to replace your chunks of butter to grease up your pan or moisten your toasts with olive oil.

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