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RAMEN HYBRIDS @Berg’n Brooklyn

Following the recent hybrid craze, we decided to head down to Berg’n in Brooklyn NY to taste a ramen burger, ramen fries and ramen churros. Here’s what we thought.



We’ve been fantasizing over the ramen burger for over a year now, so our expectations were pretty damn high. We ordered ours with cheese and an egg – and waited for the noodled bun to grill. As we took our first bite, one thing became clear: it was going to get messy. While the texture was interesting, the bun wasn’t easy to hold in place and condiments dripped. The meat could’ve used more seasoning (a hoisin sauce would’ve given it that extra oomph).  The ramen burger was way smaller than we had anticipated, which was probably for the best as it was extremely filling. All in all: it was good but we won’t be craving it no more.



We liked the idea, but weren’t huge fans of the execution. We enjoy our fries salty and crispy – these were bland and chewy. The fries came drizzled in Sriracha mayonnaise, which didn’t do it for us.




We’ve come to realize that most things taste good when covered in sugar and cinnamon. Ramen Churros are no exception. While the noodle after-taste was a bit strange to register, the delicious caramel sauce served with the dish did an exquisite job at covering it up.

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