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Does Size Matter? The World’s Smallest Restaurants

There’s something incredibly intimate (and romantic even) about small bijou restaurants. They are cosy and the staff is more attentive – only downside is actually trying to get a reservation, which means having to book wayyyy ahead.

Here are the world’s smallest restaurants (ranked > of course).


Cooperstown Diner in Cooperstown, New York

This tiny diner serves Cooperstown’s biggest burgers for less than $8 (they also happen to serve breakfast all day!). This family-owned business has been running for generations and is a local favourite. They have 26 seats and a half address: 136 1/2 Main street


Texas Tavern in Roanoke, Virginia

This little tavern originally opened in San Antonio, Texas in 1930 (hence its name) but is now located in Virginia. Its 10 seats are open to customers 24/7 – but funnily enough, that’s not what Texas Tavern is known for. It’s actually the restaurant’s chili corn carne (priced at $1.70) that have made it famous across the country.


Central Hotel & Cafe in Copenhagen, Denmark

This tinny 10 square metres spot is Copenhagen’s smallest coffee shop and is also the smallest hotel having just ONE room. Coffee, Danish pastries, fresh orange juice and organic ice cream are included in the room’s price: €240/night. #Hygge

There’s a Danish word – hyggelig – that doesn’t translate into English but means something like cute, cosy and charming all at once. Central Hotel & Cafe is definitely hyggelig. 


Dinner for 2 in Salzburg, Austria


This HUGE Austrian castle has a miniscule restaurant. At the top of that cool medieval-looking tower you’ll find the 8 square metre restaurant « Dinner for 2 ». The name is slightly misleading though, as the restaurant can serve up to 4 guests.

At least you won’t have to wait until the waiter notices you. Interested? Their set menu – which includes Austrian classics like Wiener Schnitzel – is €100 if you sleep there and €150 if you’re crashing at a friend’s.


Solo Per Due in Vacone, Italy


« A table for two » is Italy’s smallest restaurant. It has a very romantic setting with a fireplace, candle lights, romantic Italian music and amazing wine – so please don’t come with your mum (as that would be weird) and come with your other half instead. The dreamy meal will cost you a total of €250.


Kuappi in Iisalmi, Finland


This beautiful cabin located right next to a lake only has one single table for two but, to compensate, has an incredibly extensive menu. Salads, burgers, grills, pasta, sandwiches are all prepared in their sister restaurant next door – which leaves Kuappi more room for a bar full of miniature bottles!


Fan’er in Beijing, China


« Fan’er », which means cool or seductive in Mandarin, is Beijing’s smallest everything. The 7 square meter eatery includes a kitchen, a table and a stool, which means that only one person can dine there at a time – good luck getting a reservation!

The owner and head chef, Li, specialises in Chin-American cuisine and makes great spelt burgers and pumpkin smoothies (served in a latte cup). You got to love multiculturalism…


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