Feel like cooking Syrian dishes tonight? These Syrian bloggers are your best answer. Not only do they share their delicious recipes and organize informative cooking classes, but they also sell their own homemade products –Sahtein!

Anissa Helou


Anissa is half-Lebanese, half-Syrian and a former art dealer. In 1999, she decided to dedicate her life to food. Since then, she has written numerous cookbooks, has been on various radio & television food shows and has organised many London supper clubs and cooking classes in her beautiful kitchen in Shoreditch. She also organises food tours around gourmet cities like Paris, Istanbul, Tangiers and Fez, which she –of course– blogs about.


Poopa Dweck 

Poopa Dweck is an American-based Syrian who specializes in Jewish Aleppan food customs, as Aleppo houses one of the largest communities of Sephardic Jews. She’s written a beautiful cookbook: “Aromas of Aleppo: The Legendary Cuisine of Syrian Jews ”, posts recipes on her blog and sells her own line of confits and honey.


Orange Blossom Water


Dimah was born and raised in Syria and writes about Syrian cuisine.

She says her recipes and cooking techniques are unique and will never be found in any other cookbook, “because Syrians learn recipes from their mothers and grandmothers”.

Dimah really seems to know what she’s talking about. She shares stories and the background behind each dish. Her recipes are very easy to follow and you can truly feel her love for Syria and its food. #ToAleppoWithLove


Syrian Foodie in London

Kano is a London based Syrian surgeon who always wanted to be a chef. Instead, he decided to write his own blog. He shares his own easy-to-follow recipes as well as his favourite spots in Syria, which we sadly won’t be able to check out any time soon.


Please support The Good shepherd Sisters community center in Deir el Ahmar, located in the Bekaa valley. The organization schools 350 Syrian refugees (from the ages of 6 to 12). We aim to raise $8750, which is the sum needed to feed the pupils warm meals for a week. If you would like to make a difference in these children’s lives:  please donate.

Stay tuned to find out about the land’s most delicious dishes, desserts and much more.




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