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We’ve often asked ourselves the question above. Food holds an important place in the Levant. In this region of the world, it doesn’t matter how little food a family has, they will systematically welcome you with open arms and beg you to stay for supper – and it will ALWAYS be delicious. So what happens to those who were forced to flee their country, which serves one of the best cuisines in the world?

It’s been calculated that the food energy requirements for refugees (men and women) in emergencies is 2100 calories per person per day.

Food is donated to refugees in two different ways –but never both together. Either they receive food vouchers, which are generally provided by the United Nation’s World Food Program through other organizations. Each family member gets one monthly food voucher, which they can redeem at selected vendors in the area. Those who work receive smaller amounts – as the World Food Program wants to help refugees attain independence.

Families can also receive food packages, which are donated monthly. The same packages are donated to each family, no matter its size, meaning that a family of 5 receives the same quantities as a family of 8.

The table below shows the content of a food package donated by the Good Shepherds Sisters to refugees in the Deir el Ahmar town in the Bekaa valley:

The packages can change slightly. If a family requests lentils instead of flour, the organization is happy to assist.


Please support The Good shepherd Sisters community center in Deir el Ahmar, located in the Bekaa valley. The organization schools 350 Syrian refugees (from the ages of 6 to 12). We aim to raise $8750, which is the sum needed to feed the pupils warm meals for a week. If you would like to make a difference in these children’s lives:  please donate.

Stay tuned to find out about the land’s most delicious dishes, desserts and much more.


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