How to impress a first date? Now that’s a question you’ve surely asked yourself. No stress, we’re here to help. Rule #1, alcohol is mandatory – but that doesn’t include a can of Beck’s on a bench in Hyde Park.

22 Harcourt Street,
London W1H 4HH
020 7723 0666

Sushi is always a good start – especially when it’s fucking delicious. This tiny, intimate place definitely looks like a secret. Try and sit at the bar to enjoy the show – but don’t forget to focus on your date. Fyi: the bill might hurt.


Corner Room (Peg + Patriot)
Town Hall Hotel
Patriot Square, Bethnal Green
London E2 9NF
020 7871 0460

You’ll have to walk up the ex Hackney Town Hall to get to the little Corner Room.

Wander around the newly renovated retro hotel to see some funky art and the old Council Chamber. Tell your date the building was featured in many cool films like “Snatch” and “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”.

The restaurant doesn’t take bookings, so leave your name at the door and flirt over a cocktail at Peg + Patriot on the ground floor.


Petersham Nurseries
Petersham Road, Richmond
Surrey TW10 7AG
020 8940 5230

Petersham Nurseries in London’s far-west looks like a fairy tale. Unfortunately you’ll need a car to drive to this secret garden. If your date is not impressed by this place, she/he isn’t worth it.


The Lido Café
Brockwell Park, Dulwich Road
London SE24 0PA
020 7274 3088

Day dates can be fun too. Invite your crush for brunch at the Brocwell Lido’s café and ask them to bring their swimsuit for a dip! That is if London’s weather allows it, of course.


The Shiori
45 Moscow Road
London W2 4AH

How amazing would it be to take your date to Kyoto and drink champagne on a private jet? Well you can’t. The next best thing would be to book a table at Shiori. This traditional Japanese restaurant gives a true taste of Kyoto’s sublime cuisine.


The Underground Supper Club


Eating on the tube is gross but eating on the tube sitting at a dressed table with silverware is a whole other story. Forget the tête-à-tête type of dinner, as you’ll be sharing a bottle of wine with other adventurous eaters.


London Cru
21-27 Seagrave Road
London SW6 1RP
020 7381 7871


If you want to know whether your date is a lazy bastard or not, take them to London’s first winery. Get them involved in the wine making process and make them deserve the glass of wine you’ll be paying for.


Soho Food Tour

If your date is a big foodie, then the Soho Food Tour is the way to go. A lovely guide will help you discover Soho –one of the smallest and most energetic neighbourhoods of London– and its hidden gems through a 10-course meal.

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