The World’s Biggest Restaurants

Booking for large groups is such a pain – especially if you find out on a Thursday that you’ll be 8 people on Saturday night and that it’s your job to find a restaurant. That’s where these come in. If you ever wondered where to celebrate your next birthday or your cousins’s Bar Mitzvah, the following list is for you.


Arroyo Restaurant in Mexico City, Mexico


Arroyo opened in 1940 and quickly became successful thanks to its delicious lamb and mouton based-dishes, like the barbacoa de borrego  (mouton spit roast). Since then the menu hasn’t changed a bit, but the restaurant went through some extensions.

Arroyo has 9 rooms which can welcome up to 2200 customers. The parking – which is naturally also XXL  – fits up to 600 cars. So as long as every single diner doesn’t decide to make their way there on their own, you’ll find a spot.

The restaurant owners often organise Mariachi concerts with piñatas, cockfights and they have their own arenas for bull fights. In 2010 two World Champion Box fights were held at Arroyo. Sounds like quite the place.


West Lake Restaurant in Changsha, China


West Lake restaurant, or Xi Hu Lou for those who speak Mandarin, is located right in the middle of China in the Hunan region.

They started building the restaurant in 2000 but, due to its size, it only actually opened in 2004. The whole building is made of 4 zones set on 6 hectares.

Zone 1 consists of 70 rooms, as well as a big theater with daily shows
Zone 2 is made of 10 luxurious private dining rooms
Zone 3 has 9 other luxurious private dining rooms
And last but not lease, zone 4 has its own outdoor courtyard with loads of food trucks

The entire restaurant can hold up to 5000 guests and hires 1000 employees, which includes 300 chefs in 5 kitchens. Each week they serve about 700 chickens and up to 1200 kilos of pork.

Tip: if you ever book a table, make sure you study the map before going to the loo.


Mang Gorn Luang in Bangkok, Thailand


This traditional Thai restaurant specialises in seafood. Not only does the main dining room holds 1300 covers but the restaurant also has 50 different banquet rooms with the largest one holding 450 covers! On top of that, each room has a karaoke – now imagine what a 450-people karaoke sounds like. #BringYourEarplugs

Similarly to the other restaurants, you can enjoy traditional shows including dancing and Thai boxing – AND the waiters move around in roller skates.

Mang Gorn Luang means imperial dragon in Thai and is also known for its dim sum buffet, which is apparently worth the queue!


Bawabet Dimashq in Damascus, Syria

 Photo 4

Damascus Gate opened in 2002 and won the title of the world’s biggest restaurant in 2008 with its 6014 covers  (the last 4 really make the difference).

The restaurants is 54 000 square meter big and reminds us of Disney World, with its waterfalls and fake archeological sites.

Fussy eaters will be happy to know that the menu includes dishes from 5 different cuisines: : Indian, Chinese, Arabic, Persian and Syrian.

While in the past, they say that they’ve been fully booked, nowadays the restaurant sadly remains empty, due to the current political situation.

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