Cao Lầu

Three must-try dishes in Vietnam

If, like us, you enjoy travelling to places where the food is mind-blowing then Vietnam should be your next stop. Every single dish we had there was absolutely delicious – especially these three:


Cao Lầu

Unfortunately for us, this dish is only available in the town of Hội An, in the Quảng Nam Province of central Vietnam – which means that you won’t be able to sample it many times in your lifetime. (We’ve even asked quite a few Vietnamese restaurants here in London if they served it and they all said no…!)

Made with thick noodles, pork, local greens, fried pork rind and lime, legend has it that its unique taste and texture is achieved by using water from an undisclosed ancient Cham well, just outside the town. What we loved most was this dish’s peculiar, slightly sweet sauce, which is found in the bottom of the bowl – so make sure to stir.


Bánh Bèo

These steamed rice cakes from central Vietnam are filled with savoury ingredients, such as shrimp, fish sauce, crispy fried shallots, scallions and rice vinegar. Usually served in batches of five, each portion is rather small but incredibly tasty. The smooth, gooey outside texture truly complements the crispy shallots and umami fish sauce.


Cà Phê Trứng

This drink was not particularly our favourite, but we felt that it was definitely worth trying. During our stay in Hanoi, we went on a street food tour where we tried this egg coffee. Invented in Hanoi’s Café Trung in 1946 due to a fresh milk shortage during the French War, a whisked egg and condensed milk is used as a substitute, which makes it really interesting. This café won’t divulge its exact recipe and with good reason as theirs remains the favourite among locals.

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