In terms of food creativity, the USA deserves a medal. After tasting –and loving– our first corn cookie from Momofuku’s Milk bar, we decided to investigate NYC’s unusual desserts scene.

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Here are a few strange sweet treats we’d love –or hate– to try.


Cheetos Macaron at Macaron Parlour

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Macaron Parlour has a lot of unique flavours, like Earl Grey or Rosemary & Olive oil – which all sound quite edible; that is until we noticed “Cheetos”: a macaron topped with real Cheetos dust. Too much?


Peking Duck Ice Cream at Cool Haus

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Yes, that’s Peking duck skin and fortune cookie crumble in a Chinese five-spice ice cream that is topped with a plum sauce swirl. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, maybe the Fried Chicken and Waffles ice cream will.


Foie Gras Doughnut at Do or Dine

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This sugar-dusted fried doughnut is infused with jelly and foie gras. Would you? Half of Brooklyn’s hipsters have –at least the none vegan ones.


Rainbow Bagel at The Bagel Store

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For obvious reasons, this dessert/breakfast was highly instagramed during the last Gay Pride – and it sure looks fab. From cream cheese to jelly, customers can pick their spread.

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