The World’s most unusual waiters


We’ve encountered the massive dicks (usually in Paris) and the psychopathically nice ones (usually in the States). We’ve waited hours for our dish while watching them giggle flirtatiously. We’ve been offered free stuff for simply smiling back. We’ve been run after for not leaving enough of a tip, and we’ve been hugged for looking sad.

And while we truly appreciate everything they do, we don’t really notice them–as we’re often blindsided by the food they bring our way.

These ones though stand out. Meet the world’s most unusual waiters.

Blind waiters

The “Dans Le Noir” restaurant chain serves food to diners in pitch black to get their saliva flowing, as numbing one sense apparently enhances another. Since recruiting staff to work in these conditions probably seemed impossible, “Dans Le Noir” only hires blind waiters –who impressively get the job done.

Deaf waiters

Having a deaf person take your order might not seem like a piece of the cake, but definitely feels like a treat. “Signs” restaurant in Toronto employs deaf waiters, as to give them access to an industry they were once excluded from. The menu actually shows diners how to order their meal through sign language.

Little waiters

“The smallest waiters in the world” is the tagline for “Hobbit House” restaurant located in the Philippines. Founded in 1973, this institution is solely run by Filipino little people. The international menu includes 100 kinds of beer and thankfully excludes small plates.


The run-of-the-jungle “Kayabukiya Tavern” in Japan probably has the weirdest waiters in the world. The sake house actually has monkeys, dressed in open shirts and short pants, welcome guests with pre-meal hot towels. Animal Rights allows them to work two hours a day, so tip them in edamame beans for their effort!

Ross: #WeFoundMarcel


The “Twin Stars Diner” in Moscow hires identically dressed twins to serve the food. Whether both take turns to bring dishes, or hold them together is unclear, so please let us know if you’ve ever been!


This may seem absurd but in Bangkok, there’s actually a restaurant that has robots instead of waiters. The owner of “Hajime”, Lapassarad Thanaphant, invested £650,000 to buy four dancing robots to work the room.


Fancy being assisted by convicted murderers serving time in South Asia’s largest prison complex? New Delhi’s “Tihar Food Court” is a 50-seat vegetarian restaurant that employs prisoners from the Tihar prison in an effort to rehabilitate them. The project started in July and so far has been pretty positive.

No waiters

We shop online and order food through aps, so why not do the same when eating out? A restaurant in Nuremberg called “s Baggers” is the first automated restaurant, which has no waiters. The rollercoaster restaurant is filled with rails along which touch-screen ordered dishes glide. While this may spare you some tip-money, it remains a little… sad.



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