Weirdest kitchen gadgets

From the wisk to the fridge, our kitchens have witnessed quite a few changes throughout the history of cooking. Some inventions came out quite handy, others simply didn’t.
Although it feels like we have everything we need, men’s imagination never ceases to amaze. Here are some amusing kitchen “things” it’s come up with.

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Cube press egg

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  Place a pealed boiled egg in this cube, screw it tight, wait 15 minutes and you’ll get a cube-shaped egg. The result doesn’t exactly look natural and is only really useful if you’re planning on throwing a Lego or alien themed dinner party.

Veg and fruit spray

This product screams fear and paranoia. Yes, our fruits and vegetables are full of pesticides, but if you read the instructions of this product it says first spray, and then rinse with water uh…. interesting – so what’s the point? Although the FDA has said not to use these types of products, tests have shown that they turn out to be quite effective, but they have not been proven to be any more effective than water alone. One bottle cost £4.59. Water is free. How do they even sell this?

Banana cutter

A banana shaped tool, which helps you slice a banana all at once. You can’t use it on anything else and newsflash, knives exists.

The ButterUp

This is actually pretty cool. A trio of Australian designers started a Kickstarter project aiming to solve breakfast’s biggest problem: cold, hard butter. The campaign was a huge success and got $360,000 AUD (£ 194,285) to make the dream of 15,251 bakers come true.

So yeah, maybe we aren’t just quite running out of useful kitchen tools to invent.


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