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Where to eat & drink in Aspen

Planning a little trip to Aspen? We’ve got you covered!

Here are our favourite places to eat and drink, in this very chic mountain city.


La Creperie du Village

I absolutely loved the décor at this French restaurant, owned by a Frenchman (naturally). You’ll find quirky little items which add warmth and cosiness to the place. The music too is (old school) French: think Gainsbourg and Edith Piaf. And the menu will knock you off your socks. If, like me, you expect to eat cheese fondue when spending time on a mountain, then you’re in for a treat. Theirs is made with gruyere, vacherin, beaufort & comté cheese with white wine and a touch of Kirschwasser. The chef is actually from Chamonix, so he knows a thing or two about fondues! I also recommend that you order their escargots served in a sautéed garlic butter, tomato concassée with a touch of cream and pastis with toasted brioche. It’s absolutely delicious!


White House Tavern

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This gourmet diner (part of Hillstone restaurant group) does not take reservations, so do plan ahead. I recommend putting your name down and crossing the street to either Bear Den or Hooch for a drink until they send you a text saying that your table is ready. Once you make it, I highly recommend that you order their crispy chicken sandwich with kale, house-made torta, Swiss, tomato and spicy slaw. It’s reaalllly good.


Bear Den Aspen

This cafe-bistro serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks in a cute setting with a beautiful mountain backdrop. In the morning, you’ll definitely have to wait in line for your coffee, as this spot is clearly popular among locals (and rightly so). After all the melted cheese I’ve had, I ordered their green goddess smoothie bowl with spirulina, fresh fruit, toasted almonds and bee pollen and felt fresh and energized for my upcoming hike!



Take a left turn after Meat & Cheese Restaurant & Farm Shop and you’ll notice a hidden door. Open it and walk down the stairs and you’ll find this great little speakeasy, which is actually owned by the same people behind Meat & Cheese. The décor reminds me of the painting “American gothic” by grant wood and the drinks are superb. Make sure to order their “Sweep the Leg” cocktail with Coriander & Cucumber Infused Tequila, Lime, Agave, Serano Spiced Aloe Foam and Black Lava Saline. It was 👌


Meat & Cheese Restaurant & Farm Shop

This place is a lovely restaurant and farm shop that uses locally sourced, sustainably raised ingredients as their starting point. Available ingredients and their quality actually dictate their menu’s direction from day to day. In the shop, you’ll find an amazing selection of cheese and cured meats. The restaurant’s menu has a big Asian influence. I actually ordered Pete’s ramen (ramen with shredded chicken, herb trio, cucumber, pickled veg, crispy shallots, chiffonade egg, and peanuts) which was really hearty and tasty. The broth was particularly amazing.



Pine Creek Cookhouse

Pine Creek Cookhouse not only serves incredible food, but the setting is just breath-taking.

After a 2-3 hour hike, we stopped here for a well-deserved lunch with a stunning view on the mountains and torrent. I ordered the trout which is local to the region, where fly fishing is very common. It was so fresh and an incredible mix of flavours. Here’s the way it was featured on the menu: Sautéed ruby red rainbow trout with heirloom tomatoes, sweet corn succotash and citrus basil beurre blanc.

The restaurant also organises “adventures” like horse riding and fly fishing and provides picnic hampers so you can enjoy your meal in the middle of nature.



I can’t personally vouch for this place as I did not have the time to go, but many people recommended Matsuhisa to me, which is a Japanese restaurant. Matsuhisa Aspen opened in 1998 as the first Matsuhisa location outside of Chef Nobu’s original Beverly Hills restaurant.

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