There’s nothing purer than a fruit – or so we thought. Through our travels, we’ve discovered quite a few odd ones – including these 3.


Synsepalum Dulcificum (Miracle Fruit)

We are absolutely fascinated with this fruit. While we haven’t had a chance to try it ourselves, this miracle fruit allegedly has the ability to make sour foods taste sweet. After chewing on one of these, even a lemon can become sweet as candy.


Sugar Apple (Ashta)

We discovered this one during our 2-year stay in Beirut. The flesh of this intriguing fruit looks –and tastes– like cottage cream. Don’t ask us how; we’re still very confused.


Durian (a.k.a the smelly fruit)

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This fruit will literally make your breath smell like shit. Once you’ve touched it, people will stay away from you for hours. Many places have banned the fruit on public transportation – and hotels forbid you to enter with one. Is it worth it? Most people say it is absolutely delicious and tastes sweet and oily. #DontJudgeaBookByItsCover

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