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3 Street Foods to try in Mexico City

Whilst the Michelin-starred restaurants in Mexico City are to-die for (think Pujol, Quintonil, etc.), some might argue that the city’s first go-to spots are its street-food counters. Visitors will be able to spot tacos and quesadillas stands all over the city, but not all are rated by locals. A good way to distinguish the good ones is to spot the crowd. Those that have lots of people waiting in line are usually worth the wait. Don’t be impatient and go to the empty one next door as it’s always empty for a reason!

After doing lots of research and eating (!), here were my 3 favourite street-foods in Mexico City.


Huitlacoche con requesón quesadilla at Tlacoyos y Quesadillas Light


This stand serves blue corn quesadillas and my absolute favourite was the huitlacoche (which is a sort of fungus that grows on top of corn). It is very mushroom like taste wise, and was served with requesó, a creamy, lumpy cheese, which resembled ricotta. I will definitely be craving this in the future!



Chicharron prensado taco at Tacos de Guisado las Águilas



Pressed pork skin and belly, which is stewed for hours, and served in a taco might not be your usual snack, but I highly recommend you try it at least once! It’s very tender, and usually enjoyed with a super spicy sauce, which makes it all the more delicious. This spot was playing fun music and was buzzing when we went, which is always a good sign!



Chorizo and brisket taco at Los Cocuyos


This place (which is open 24/7, as it doesn’t even have a door and therefore couldn’t close without risking theft) has become incredibly famous since it’s been recommended by the great Anthony Bourdain, himself. It’s known for serving unusual parts of meat inside its tacos, and is particularly famous for its tripe tacos. Unfortunately, the latter wasn’t available during my visit but I am secretly grateful as this means I got to taste the brisket and chorizo taco, which was really tasty. I added a bit of green chili sauce on top, which complimented the spiciness and crunchiness of the chorizo really well.



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