United Airlines NYC – LDN (Economy)

Departed at 8.25pm and landed at 7.25am (local time)
Flight duration: 7 hours


Night flights are always tough. You know sleeping is your best bet to avoid that (non-believed in) jet lag, but instead you go for a film-marathon and constantly scout for the food trolley’s whereabouts.

Long flights usually mean choosing between two mains. If some might feel pressured by the stewardess who feels no sympathy for uncertainty, we, on the other hand, already made our choice ten rows ago.

We usually go for the “saucy” option. Between the cheese ravioli and the chicken with vegetables – we obviously went for the ravioli, as dry chicken isn’t really our thing.


STARTER: Lettuce and tomato salad
This dish came with a green salad, an 8th of a tomato and a thick French dressing. It had no specific purpose and we couldn’t really tell if it was a starter or a side. We hangrily dipped the leaves in the sauce.


MAIN: Cheese ravioli
The ravioli were, as expected, saucy. We couldn’t really differentiate the filling from the pasta – and whatever ingredient the sauce was made of, it sure as hell wasn’t cheese. The whole thing was pretty heavy and insignificant.


DESSERT: Chocolate brownie
Let’s just say that this brownie wasn’t America’s finest. #disafoointed

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